Meet Tiger

Tiger is a 3 year old Rescue , he lives with 2 brothers Nathan - 4 and Conner – 2 and with a Special friend Alex – 5.  Tiger loves to climb a 3 story jungle gym and play ball, but his favorite thing is to cuddle.


I highly recommend Liquid K-9 Glucosamine.  I have a 11 year old poodle terrier named Biscuit.  Over the years, she has developed arthritis in her hip and joints.  She had begun to be very sensitive to the discomfort and limit her mobility.  I tried the over the counter chewable vitamins with glucosamine, however I did not see any significant changes.  Her groomer at My Pampered Pooch suggested that I try the Liquid K-9 Glucosamine.  I put a teaspoon on her food in the morning.  She loves it!   Within a month, I could tell that her mobility had improved and the pain was not as evident.  She was even running up my staircase which she has not attempted in years.  She also is no longer chewing on her paws, her attempt to try and relieve her pain.  My dog has been on this for 4 months now, I am so glad that I found a product that can help her as she continues to age.  Kim C.  Newnan, Ga

Harley 4 1/2 year old Yorkie tore her acl in her knee and she got around like a 13 year old dog. Couldn't run, jump or play. Now she takes K9 Glucosamine and she is literally like a 6 month puppy. Were amazed at the healing and energy she has now. We highly recommend it to any pet with sore joints. We have our Harley back. John

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